St Marys Parish Pastoral Council Report – September 2023
Our goal is to make Jesus present in our local community.
2023 Events and iniaves
St Patricks Day Dinner – fully booked, and a great night.
New Parishioners Dinner - Personal invitaons were sent to New Parishioners, with six aending and
three inabilies to aend. An enjoyable evening.
Soup & Slice lunch aer Friday 12.30PM Mass . Held three mes to date, and good numbers are
To recognise & celebrate The Feast of the Assumpon - a Wine & Cheese funcon was held in the
Parish Centre aer the evening Mass. Aended by approximately 30 people.
Conversaons about Death, Dying and Bereavement – held over four sessions & facilitated by
Representaon at Uning Church 160
th Anniversary Celebraons
Year 12 Prayer Partners Mass’s & Morning teas
Sacramental Programs
Music Ministry – being supported & encouraged
Commied to assist with the Combined Churches Christmas Lunch this year.
In planning :
Men’s Breakfast, Trivia Night, Parish Christmas Dinner with An Internaonal theme, Cuppa aer
Sunday morning Mass .
Church Life Survey Review –noted in review the lack of response from youth. Thus, focus groups
were held with Secondary students to gain some sense of their response to Church, Mass, Faith &
our Parish. This is currently an ongoing project.